happy family with three kids

Heather Kirwan | Habit Maker Mama

When my second son was born we were going through a lot of changes.

I decided to go from emergency medicine physician assistant to full time mom. I loved the ability to be home with my boys, but I started to put everything and everyone above myself.

I began to devote a few moments a day to my own self-care and experienced an incredible shift in both my mental and physical health. I want all moms to have the tools to care for their bodies and minds.

Board Certified Physician Assistant

Master's Degree in Health Sciences - Duke University

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology - Stanford University

"If you desire to change your life - you are in the right place. I can't wait to cheer you on!"

Habit Maker Mama is on a mission to help busy mothers care for their bodies and minds so they can be the moms they want to be!

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